Handbook on Injectable Drugs and Single User CD

Nearly every field has its touchstone.

In the ever-changing, data-intense, split-second decision world of parenteral drugs, that touchstone, that premier resource, is the Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 16th Edition.

It is the leading injectable drug guide, trusted, turned to and touted the world over for its intuitive, easy to use layout, and its accessible organization and presentation of data.

The Handbook presents 349 parenteral drugs commercially available in the United States and elsewhere in alphabetical order by nonproprietary name, including brand names for absolute usefulness and clarity. References can be quickly cross-referenced using the AHFS classification system.

In the 16th Edition, all the monographs have been updated, including new parenteral drugs not covered in previous editions. Compatibility, stability, storage and preparation data for each have been painstakingly referenced and clearly presented. There are 64 new references, for a total of 2,788.

The Handbook is available in print, or in a CD-ROM format, which can be used individually or as a package. The CD allows you to screen up to five drugs/solutions for compatibility simultaneously, access original research through PubMed, and search concise table summaries of compatibility results.

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