Handbook on Injectable Drugs

ASHP’s Guide to IV Compatibility & Stability

Backed by quality, peer-reviewed published literature, the Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ has been a go-to, trusted resource for nearly four decades. Published by ASHP, it’s the global gold standard for IV compatibility and stability information.

ASHP’s Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ is now newly updated with the latest information. The 19th edition features 27 new monographs—more than twice the last edition— and more than 235 new references.

The new edition features more than 360 monographs including:

  • Brivaracetam
  • Ceftolozane sulfate–tazobactam sodium
  • Ceftazidime–avibactam sodium
  • Oritavancin diphosphate
  • Sugammadex sodium
  • Isavuconazonium sulfate
  • Cangrelor tetrasodium
  • Idarucizumab
  • And many more!

With its 40-year track record of precise, accurate detail, nothing else comes close for compatibility, stability, storage, and preparation of parenteral drugs. ASHP’s Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ is available in print and interactive formats.

ASHP’s Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ includes more than 300 new compatibility pairs, with custom views for wall charts and other bedside technologies. Since the 18th edition was published, the Interactive Handbook has addressed more than 50 MedWatch Alerts. With its integration of ASHP’s Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs and quarterly updates, the interactive version provides solid evidence with up-to-date content.

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