Online Learning MASTERY: Handbook for Online Degrees: 7 Simple Steps to Your Graduation, Reaching A Higher Level in Life.

In Online Learning MASTERY, based on years of experience guiding and coaching thought leaders as professionals, executives and entrepreneurs doing their online degrees, Atalia Felicia structured proven ways that you can follow in order to serve and be successful in life, through graduation. Despite challenges ahead, you can make studying online simpler by better managing your life. As the Internet platform becomes more available worldwide and new inventions are gearing toward directions that will provide internet access to everyone everywhere, growth of online learning is inevitable.

The chapters will show you the psychology and nature of online learning, the challenges students face, reasons why students drop out, or graduated; as well as principles you can follow in order to be successful and complete your education. As education has always been her passion, Felicia promotes online education as means of serving others, by reaching a higher level of accomplishment in life, and contribute more to our coexistence as a community. This is more of a self-help book and can fall under different categories in personal finance, time management, personal development, even relationship. Online Learning MASTERY guides and provides you practical tips which you can apply in your daily life so you can be closer to your brighter future. Using mostly her own professional and educational experience and research on different principles and behaviors that will lead to graduation, she identifies 7 simple steps you can take to be consciously successful. She delves into how you: can better manage your Money, increase Agility, be more Self-organized, have better Time management, E-learning, Relationship, and take better care of Yourself. MASTERY by design..

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This book provides simpler ways of studying online that’s easier to follow in a more structured way. This is the key to graduation and eventually serving others and living the life we all aspire to, to live with purpose. Read through the book, do the exercise and follow what it teaches you to do, you will find yourself seeing life in a more enlightened way.
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

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